Wednesday, October 31, 2007

the bumbers

a must see

two things befeor you proceed
  1. Warning: this video is honest, abrupt and real. it depicts the violence that thrashes you soul. beaware that you migh cry.
  2. Affirmation: this is beautiful, it will encourage you, enlighten you and make you thank God and value the freedom found in Jesus.

Monday, October 22, 2007

life as i know it

  • worship is becoming steady at 50 or better
  • visitors are also becomming a regular thing
  • preached on lust, porn, and bad sex this Sunday and found out it causes arguments and coversation at the lunch table.
  • i am slowly moving from tri-vocational to bi-vocational
  • one of my youth kids went to jail - i felt guilty, yet they are old enough to be responsible for their actions and knew better
  • my wife and i are closer than ever
  • currently i am enjoying the new david crowder and chris rice cd's
  • i think about going back to school often
  • i have been subsitute teaching pretty often
  • had a new couple join the the church and they are like fresh, hot cinnimon rolls
  • getting ready for our great fall outreach, aka the old time fair and hoping to make contact with 200 to 250 people

Monday, October 15, 2007

a little heritical fun


finally Eve gets a chance to redeem herself and whip up on Satan.
Missionary Jumaine Jones who is planting The Bridge knows the guy in this video. Pure smoothness and a funny video too. the guy is very talented and has a great sense of humor to boot!