Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Mind Melt

  • I am tired, Hurting tired and I don't like it
  • Sunday AM worship was great - Who's the Boss -Rev 19:11-16
  • Some people think that the local Church is their to had the cash for crack rock
  • Having issues with panhandlers baring in all the time
  • Had a young man, Kris, call Jesus as his Lord after Sunday eve service.
  • Heard B. Reith say he was the" White Kanye West" on the "Go On" Funny.
  • Had a Bible study with my 9yr old and her 7 yr old sleep over friend. James 1:16-18
  • Meet a great younf couple that was visting our Church and bought them lunch. New to Christ and is about to get armed for war!
  • Thinking about how to put together a Men's Bible Fight Club for a men's class at Church
  • Amped about new 8 week sermon series Fight the Good Fight
  • Really dug Shawn of the Citys post on We Only Serve Whites about the confrence ministry mentality.
  • Thinking about new carpet for the Lord's House