Tuesday, March 27, 2007

howard stern wants to have prayer

I came across this article in while reading the Christian Post. It seems that Stern and crew wants this pastor to come on and take on all caller with thier most challenging question and are willing to give him a hour of programming to do it. While I think that the idea is great it would seem the the motive might not be as honorable. ck it out and see what you think

Friday, March 23, 2007

Baylor is #1

Baylor ranks highest of peers

Relevant magazine ranked Baylor the No. 1 Christian college in the United States in its current issue. The magazine, whose tagline is "God. Life. Progressive Culture." rated colleges on academics, student life and spiritual life. The grades in each category were averaged and the magazine then listed the top five. Read the full story here.

Other winners included, in descending order, Calvin College, Pepperdine University, Wheaton College and Biola University - not so bad neighbors.

fight the good fight, not hit and run

I love pedagogary, especially when it is Christian higher education. This stuff butters my toast for some reason. As of late in the baptist circles it seems there is a fight to be a good school of real scholarship and Baptist. I don't see the problems myself with the mass exodus of colleges and university running from their Baptist breathern there must be some that feel a bit stiffled. In the Christian Post today there is an article about five N.C. colleges that want to seperate thier schools from their supporting brothers of faith. It seems in all cases of this type of sepertation, the problem stated is they feel that they need to be able to choose and appoint thier own trustees so they can be successul school of academia.

As you would have guessed i see it a bit diffrent. First if you can not intergrate you faith with scholarhsip you must not be the right leadership. Sorry if it hurts your feelings, but the Cross was public and so is our faith. faith and education must be fused or it will "Harvard" on us in a heart beat. Second, if you feel a man or woman is the proper trustee after countless hours of prayer and that this is the person that you feel God is calling to be a servant to the school as a trustee and they feel the same call, then it is your job to sell them. Just like the President has to market his appointees you will need to do the work to show your constituents that this is the right person. If the fact that you are not willing to do the work because it was be too time consuming and to diffcult comes into play you must not think that is truely the right person. It if is just to hard, then once again I would suggest that the problem might be that you are not postioned in the right place rather than everyone else is wrong because they have not been swayed by your lackadaisical attempt to persuade minds that hold diffrent views. This would be like giving up on the lost becuase they don't see it our way. oh, wait! We have done this too. It seems to me that administrators should fight the good fight and not resort to a childish

guerilla hit and run tatic.

Strong words yes, but I think they they have merit and are worthy of critital thinking.

Warning: more thoughs on such subjest are likely to be posted in the future.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

banned for all the right reasons

Sometimes in life things puzzle me. Others leave me completely flabbergasted

Case in points is the the article featuring Brown University reinstating a suspened Christian group.

The thing the boggle the mind first is the lack of a known reason for being suspened. It almost seems that if the is no reason for the dismissal then it should have never have happened. maybe they jsut for got. maybe Brown actually violated someone's rights. who knows.

The second boggler is the lack of Christian love and compassion shown by "Allen Callahan, associate Brown chaplain, wrote in an e-mail to students that the group's leaders were 'contemptuous and dishonest'." wow, talk about grace and forgiveness.

the third and final mind blower(also the probably reason they were booted) is this, "The fellowship is aligned with a denomination that embraces Calvinism, opposes ordaining women and gays, and considers the Bible the inerrant Word of God." How evil they must be for seeing God as supreme and soveriegn, holding to a conservative and historically correct view of the pastorate, and to top it all of the really believe the Bible. how what were they thinking.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

better or worse

For all though who have been waiting ...

I have finally been to the doctor now and have found out only minimal information about what caused me to black out while driving home from Seminary last week. The good doctor is now ordering many more tests and procedures, but she don't feel that they will reveal much of anything. Acutally, the doctor suspects the test will come back looking fine. She suggested that the problems is a virus. Now this sounded crazy to me but as I talked with more and more hospital staff I heard more stories of a virus that people have that are also fainting with. Crazy I say. The doc thinks that I had the samething that they had, only I was driving.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Well you may have notices the blog has changed once agin. Now it is truely cool as it has an artic feel with the polar bears theme working to keep things from getting to hot. That is the good news.

Now for the bumper car issue. Last Tuesday, after talking the Dr. Charlie Homles, President of BMA Theological Seminary about setting up annuities for Scholarships and a Dept. Chair. I then proceeded to drive home, but beforei could make my way there I blacked out and regained conciousness about a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile aways. In the process of the I ran two stop lights, crossed four lanes of trafic, and hit one guard rail and almost went over the railing, crossed a nother four lanes of traffic and hit another railing before stopping. Or at least that is wat they tell me. We still do not know why i blacked out, but will be spending a fortune trying to figure out.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Are oddities and fun facts and odd knowledge you kind of thing. This this might be the site for you....