Friday, October 20, 2006

what is wrong with the name baptist

This is in refrence and rebuttal to an artivle by jospeh Harris which ha can be found here, or more easily here,

Unfortunately to many Baptist Churches are stinking up the place. Some make it so hard for others to use the identifier of Baptist without being treated unfairly.  I am all for Baptist being on the sign.  I even argued/discussed with at current seminary professor and students from his Church about why they dropped Baptist from their sign.  But I was reminded that the great Baptist Spurgeon pastored two churches that we not Baptist.  Was he wrong for pastoring and preaching at these churches?  Is it more important to be Baptist in name or Baptistic in teaching?  In truth there are some churches that use the Baptist moniker that are truly Pentecostal.  So what of them? Are they better for the name of Baptist?  What happens when a good name is tarnished?  One of the unique thing about a church that does a membership class, a 101 class or what ever they call it, is that they go over who they are, who they associate with, what they believe, and why? In this you find out if the Country Church or the New Life Fellowship are Baptist are not.

One last situation to ponder – You were to plant a church in a small town where there have been three prior Baptist Churches. In which, one had a horrible money scandal, another an adulterous legacy and the third was recently ravaged with Child Pornography. The Baptist name was now much.  When you knocked on a door and said you we asking some “spiritual questions” and the found out you were Baptist, every time you were cursed and the door was slammed because the community had been betrayed and the Baptist before you had failed them.  Who it be stewardship to starchy wave than Baptist flag in their wounded faces, or instead, suck up our Baptist pride and present Jesus to them and later teach them why we feel so strongly about the Baptist faith.

After all it is Jesus that saves and not the Baptist name.

With this said, I am a Baptist, love being Baptist, our church carries the name Baptist, and I even love the ol’ landmarks.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Has Harvard returned to thier roots

Has Harvard gone back to God?? Have they repented.??

BOSTON - Harvard University, founded 370 years ago to train Puritan ministers, should again require all undergraduates to study religion, along with U.S. history and ethics, a faculty committee is recommending.
The surprisingly bold recommendations come after years of rancorous internal debate over what courses should be required of all Harvard students. The current core curriculum has been criticized for focusing on narrow academic questions rather than real-world issues students would likely confront beyond the wrought-iron gates of Harvard Square.
The report calls for Harvard to require students to take a course in "reason and faith," which could include classes on topics such as religion and democracy, Charles Darwin or a current course called "Why Americans Love God and Europeans Don't."

Ck out the rest of this article at Harvard mulls over religion courses

Godtel Minitries Need

Godtel Minitries has a few needs.  If you can help them, then please do.
Lufkin Needs
(936) 637-2520  
  1. Prayer

  2. Financial Help

  3. Canned black-eyed peas

  4. Canned tomatoes

  5. Green peasNacogdoches Needs
(936) 569-7914(936) 560-4282
  1. Prayer

  2. Financial Help

  3. Personal hygiene items

  4. Towels

  5. Canned Vegetables (all kinds)

  6. Meat

  7. Twin-size mattresses

  8. Twin-size sheets (fitted & flat)

Livingston Needs
(936) 327-8863
  1. Prayer

  2. Financial Help

  3. Funds for Building and Land

  4. Personal hygiene items

  5. Canned Vegetables (all kinds)

  6. Tomato Products

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Byroniac: Ubuntu Christian Edition

for all you Godly linux users this is for you.

Byroniac: Ubuntu Christian Edition

Not sure if this will come in rReformed, Charasmatic, Free Will, Non-Denom or General Versions. ck back on that.

What ever floats your boat

This last weekend was Diboll Days. It came, extracted life fron our bodies, and left to come again in two years. There might be a reason that it is only done every two years. We may need to use that time to rejuvinate ourselves. Our Church, Pine Grove Baptist, had a float. It was the first time we have done this from what I have been told. But I think it went well. We went with the theme of "America bless God" instead of the norm of "God bless America." When asking God to bless us we are aking God to make us happy. In truth it should be the other way around.

One thing that stands out about the parade is that when we were rounding the corner by Brookshire Brother's. The flags that were part of the parade were beautifuly flying and an older hispaninc man in a vertern's hat, stood up at attention, removed his cap and saluted the flag as a patriot. I was a beautiful moment. Simply, it was a grand highlight of what was a great parade adn a great entrane for Pine Grove Baptist as a vital, living Church.