Thursday, November 17, 2005

American Girl stay away from me!!!

Sorry to lame borrowing for the classic rock song, "American Woman." It just thought it was appropriate with the super hot controversy that has evolved over the American Girl Dolls. As you might have learned the American Girl producers are supporting so called “philanthropic charities” that seem to be of greater harm to the young girls that they believe. Some argue that they causes they support will not be renewed after the start of the New Year because they choose something new every year. The first problem is that they would partner with such destructive people in the first place. Second, how can they be trusted to partner with some one better the next round? Third, much damage has already been done. Fourth, were they careless in the partnering or do they truly support these types of thoughts and practices. Finally, can they be trusted with our money and our daughter’s hearts?

Much of the controversy that you see is do to some well done research and a power email by the wife of a friend of mine. Read as follows:

Dear American Girl,
I received the following in an e-mail from a close friend today:
[Responses Pour in to News of American Girl's Support of Moral Perversion
Last week, our friends Tim and Don Wildman at the American Family Association, broke the national news story that the American Girl company uses the dollars from the sales of their dolls to support lesbianism and abortion. Since that time we have received numerous letters like the following:We just received a disturbing e-mail from AFA (American Family Association) about the "American Girl Doll", made by Matel. It appears that American Girl dolls are sponsoring a liberal, pro-abortion and pro lesbian organization, Girls, Inc. My daughter has an American Girl doll which her grandmother bought for her even though I prefered your Beautiful Girlhood Collection. I have told our family not to support the other doll company and to please look into your dolls for future purchase of dolls and clothes. My questions are: 1) would your dolls be the same size as American Girl Dolls so that we may buy clothes to fit my daughter's doll?, and 2) are your dolls made my Matel? Thanks and I think your dolls and accompanying books are wonderful! Many blessings! Emelia R.]

Well, I called American Girl myself to ask if these allegations were true. I was thanked for my concern and assured that this was not true. The American Girl representative told me a little about Girls, Inc., the organization in question, and told me that they gave $50,000 to that organization and continue to give $.70 of each $1.00 bracelet sold by American Girl to Girls, Inc. He told me that the website for Girls Inc. does have some links on there for girls who have questions about abortion, abstinence, and homosexuality, but that those links were not easy to get to – you have to be looking for them. He also said that the organization does not condone homosexuality, but that they are neutral and just provide information. He gave me the website address of Girls, Inc. and I went to check it out. At first, it looked like someone had really gone off the deep end and was just trying to promote another company which sold dolls similar to the American Girls collection. Then, however, I followed a very easy-to-see link to some Girls, Inc. fact sheets and read them. Here is what I found:

On page three of the Girls Inc. document, “Girls and Sexual Health”, is printed in bold letters in the left margin of the document, “The transition to adolescence can be understood as a period of entry into the institution of compulsory heterosexuality.” Down a little lower is printed in the same bold print, “The emergence of a lesbian identity is an ongoing process, rather than an event.” The Sexual Orientation section of the document, just to the right of these bold messages, goes over the conflicting feelings of lesbians in adolescence, the greater likelihood of lesbians and gays to experience violence in school or to attempt suicide, and the issue of “coming out”. That doesn’t sound like a very neutral position on the subject of homosexuality. The link to the document from the Girls Inc. website is: Please take a look at it and see for yourself. I really went into this with an open mind, determined to be a continued loyal customer of American Girl, but sadly I must say that this caused the loss of a good client for the company. I should say clients – there are numerous people in our family who purchase from American Girl and who will not be purchasing from them in the future.

How can American Girl maintain that their support of Girls Inc. does not support some of the agenda for which the organization stands? We support the things that we believe in with our money. The charitable donations of American Girl to Girls Inc. helps to support their agenda condoning homosexuality as something natural, and to an extent, even something to be encouraged. As the mother of a daughter, if I became aware of “confused” feelings in my daughter, the last thing I would want would be for someone or some organization to lead her in the direction of further exploring a destructive and godless lifestyle.

Proof that one is not born a lesbian is the number of people who have been delivered from this “alternative lifestyle” of homosexuality. You can be born Hispanic. There are no former Hispanic people, but there are plenty of former homosexuals. As the mother of a Hispanic daughter, I resent it when homosexuality is called a minority, as if being Hispanic is the moral equivalent of committing sodomy. Your dolls and their accessories will be missed.

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