Friday, February 03, 2006

Missional or Missionary?

I have been aware of Marc Driscoll for many years, but have never invested any time into finding out what makes him tick and what he is all about. Lately I have had the opportunity to dig in a little and check our Marc. The verdict is still out, but so far I like this cat. He appears to be a very solid Biblicist and is trying carry out the N.T. One thing that he has done is caused me to think about my Church and how we do God's business. I have always had a problems with our lack of mission giving. Likewise I have not liked the fact that we do not live up to the our Churches name. On the sign it says "Carlos Missionary Baptist Church" I have an issues that we promote ourselves a mission giving and sending Church when we do not live this way. We need not to just be missionary, but missional. I grabbed Wikipedias's definiton for you are not sure how I am using this word.

Missional living
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Missional living is a commonality displayed in
emergent churches. In its broadest form, it is the belief that all believers are active missionaries of Christ in their daily lives.
As the term has come to be closely associated with the emerging church movement, it has come to represent the belief that the Spirit of God is alive and active in the people of God, namely the church as a whole. This approach tends to emphasize the importance of the involvement of "laymembers" and "lay-leaders" in churches.
As such, many emergent churches actively seek to involve members in ministry, inviting them to participate in the mission of Christ using the talents and skills they have. Members are encouraged to find a place where they can contribute to the local community of believers.
Due to the young nature of the missional and emergent movement, specific “missional living” practices vary greatly between churches

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blind beggar said...

Chris: Oh how true your statement is that "we need not to just be missionary, but missional." To often Christians think that when they have a missions program, they are missional. As you point out, this simply is not so. If you are interested, there are a couple of good posts on what missional looks like here and here.