Thursday, April 27, 2006

bastard churches

from page 16 of Confessions of a reformission rev. : hard lessons from an emerging missional
by Mark Driscoll
"One well known expert promoting this new undefined, undisciplined, and unbiblical ecclesiology was once asked how we can possibly define what a church is if his advice of not having elders, deacons, members, discipline, or doctrine was heeded. His response was simply, 'If it smells like a church, it is a church.' My response was that sometimes a whore wears the same perfume as a wife, and it's no different with the bride of Christ."
Mark is not a landmarker, but this quote certainly jives with it. You know I may be the first person to ever use the termlandmarkerr and jive inthee same sentence. Some probably cringe at the thought. Anyway I think Mark gives us a great illustrationn of bastard churches or should I say Gospel societiess


MatthewT said...

Just curious ... but would you consider yourself a "landmarker" or do you find that perspective to be wrongheaded somehow?

Chris said...


i would consider myself a landmarker, but i think that i hold a more moderate view that what "we" are accussed of. in truth the "Great Triumvirate” did no agree aon everything. I also think a lot of the landmark bashing woudl not happen if there was a little more dialog and less hatred. just my opinion though. so i guess i muset ask you the same question,would you consider yourself a "landmarker" or do you find that perspective to be wrongheaded somehow? "

MatthewT said...

I don't know ... I'm thinking this view through somewhat (slowly and lazily, I should point out). I am convinced that Jesus Christ founded the church (not the Holy Ghost), that only a church has the authority to found a church (that is as opposed to a lot of the freelancing I see going on) and that God is only working through the church (not individuals ... or only individuals inasmuch as they are part of a visible, local assembly) and that the church is God's plan for reconcilling the world to Himself.

On the surface, the landmarkism that I think of (and frankly, it is probably caricatured to some extent) seems wrongheaded. I mean, how in the world can you claim that only a Baptist church is the true church and that only by being a member of one of them are you in true obedience to the Bible? But I conflict myself by saying that the Gospel is equally "exclusive" ... there's only one way to heaven, one way to be redeemed.

Long winded way of saying, I don't know, but definitely looking to be convinced either way.