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pendleton - true churches

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Date: Wed May 3, 2006 6:21pm(PDT)
Subject: Pendleton - True Churches

"If Pedobaptists fail to exemplify the precepts of the New Testament in reference to the subjects and the action of baptism, they have no churches among them. They have their organizations, but they are not gospel organizations. It will be said that there are good, pious men among Pedobaptists. This is cheerfully conceded, but it proves nothing as to the evangelical nature of those organizations. There are good, pious men in Masonic Lodges, Bible Societies, Temperance Societies, and Colonization Societies; but Masonic Lodges, Bible Societies, Temperance Societies, and Colonization Societies are not churches of Christ. Nor are Pedobaptist societies."
J.M. PendletonJames M. Pendleton [1811-1891] was a noted Baptist pastor, author, professor, and theologian during the nineteenth century. The above quote is from his 1854 book "An Old Landmark Reset" on page 10. Pendleton acknowledged that there are saved individual in non-Baptist churches, but because of their unbiblical doctrines, their churches can not be considered New Testament Churches.)
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