Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What ever floats your boat

This last weekend was Diboll Days. It came, extracted life fron our bodies, and left to come again in two years. There might be a reason that it is only done every two years. We may need to use that time to rejuvinate ourselves. Our Church, Pine Grove Baptist, had a float. It was the first time we have done this from what I have been told. But I think it went well. We went with the theme of "America bless God" instead of the norm of "God bless America." When asking God to bless us we are aking God to make us happy. In truth it should be the other way around.

One thing that stands out about the parade is that when we were rounding the corner by Brookshire Brother's. The flags that were part of the parade were beautifuly flying and an older hispaninc man in a vertern's hat, stood up at attention, removed his cap and saluted the flag as a patriot. I was a beautiful moment. Simply, it was a grand highlight of what was a great parade adn a great entrane for Pine Grove Baptist as a vital, living Church.


Byroniac said...

"America bless God" I really like that. It's true that "God bless America" uses 'bless' in the sense of favor or happiness or reward. But in the phrase "America bless God" I've always taken 'bless' in the sense of honor. America should honor God, fear Him, and obey His commandments.

Byroniac said...

But I like your thought for sure, we should 'bless' God in the sense of making Him happy (not ourselves). Amen!