Sunday, April 15, 2007

preach brother preach

sometimes people say things that are awesomne, and some live them out..

“Church has become a football game that's never played. Imagine the
frustration fans would feel if their favorite football team suits up for the
game, goes into the huddle, gives the pre-game interview but never steps on the
field to actually play,” said the Rev. Senator James T. Meeks in a statement.
"Well that's the current routine of today's church. Members pack the pews, sing
worship songs but never go into the streets to help the people God called on us
to take care of such as the homeless, the sick, the hungry and the

Shaking off the routine of "church," Salem Baptist has kicked off
Vision 2007 – a 26-week community outreach initiative will get churchgoers not
just talking the Christian talk, but walking the walk. Instead of Saturday choir
rehearsals, Salem congregants will head out for a 10 a.m. to noon day of service
– outreach activities that range from feeding the hungry and conducting worship
services in prisons to building houses and tutoring young students. Instead of
Sunday school, church members will engage in "Service School," applying the
Bible's command to serve in their local community.

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i think they might have the right ideas

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