Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a multitude of toppings for your worship

Ben is planting a Church in Reston, Georgia and boy is he having fun. NOt only is one of those guys you need to keep up with, but he is definitely in the mix - not hiding from culture behind a cardboard church wall as you will read

Pizza Apologetics

  • Yesterday, I met a fitness trainer who looked like he could bench press my car. He asked about my iPhone, but then noticed my Bible and started talking about his Muslim father and Catholic mother. Said he was neither. He used pizza to describe his religious views...
    "Your god may be pepperoni; mine might be sausage; someone else's, the tomatoes. But we're all mixed together on the same pizza and baked together. We're all eating the same pie."
    Besides getting a
    little hungry, I was scrambling mentally to keep up with all the inconsistencies. People are so quick to philosophize about spirituality because it keeps God away from our hearts where he can convict us. So we reduce him to a pizza.

I wonder what the diffrent kinds of crust mean to him in regards to spirituality? hand tossed, deep dish, craker crustm, stuffed crust, thin crust ... and the list goes on


Bezner said...

What if God is the guy throwing the dough?

Chris said...

excellent question .. i think the theologial imputus behind that question is really asking "Is he God?"