Friday, April 25, 2008

What Does a Campus Pastor Do?

Borrowed with Love from Tim Stevens of I thought this would be helpful to see for those many friends that I know that are Church Planting or thinking about Multi-site.

What Does a Campus Pastor Do?
I'm pretty excited that we have hired our first Campus Pastor. I'll introduce you to him after our church has a chance to meet him in a couple weeks.
But have you wondered what the job of a Campus Pastor looks like? Here is a glimpse of what we believe is the ROLE of a Campus Pastor...
Catalytic Leader: Able to rally people to a cause.
Team Builder: Can build teams and identify high capacity leaders to build more teams.
Relational Leader: Friendly and approachable.
Talent Scout: Always on the lookout for new leaders and volunteers.
Total Quality Manager: Looking for ways to improve; sensitive to misses; committed to excellence.
Communicator: The primary host, greeter and vision-caster of this congregation.
Cheerleader: Encouraging volunteers and staff constantly.
Carrier of the DNA: When you cut them, they bleed the mission, vision and values of GCC.
Solution Specialist: Able to identify problems and find solutions.
Staff Champion: Cares for the spiritual, emotional, and familial health of campus staff.
Pastor: Has a heart to identify leaders and build systems to care for the congregation.
Reproducer: With the entire staff, reproduces leaders, followers of Christ, and campuses.
Download the entire job summary for free: Download campus_pastor_job_summary_short.pdf

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