Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mind Dump - new church, new life

Wow. So much has has happened. Things have been crazy but the Lord has blessed. We left one fellowship full of people we love and loved us and have begun a new work. But our tears have be turn to joy. We have found the people of Northside Baptist wonderfully warm and receptive. They have been very open and accepting. And to top it of horribly kind. They have been exibiting thier love for us like they have always known us. Which might seem strange to some but feels wonderful on this side

My first week here was not one of unpacking boxes, but of going to camp. Not the usually go for a pastor that just moved, but God was definately in this. At Daniel Springs Baptist Encampment in Gary, Tx with Warren Jackson of Clear Camps we say God not only move in the 700 campers lives, but in our youth ministry. (2) students surrenderd to Christ, (1) rededicated her life and (1) surrendered to ministry. Our group was overwhelmed by God last week. Still some are resisting the Spirit and the Word. But we are praying for them and we are not going to give up on thier because we care to much to let them stay the way they are. Christ will prevail!

Not only did the Lord move amoung the youth and children's ministries ( 1 saved and 1 affrimation at camp 2 weeks prior) but an 85 year old lady was saved through our nursing home ministry last Tuesday night. Praise God! He love all His children no matter what age!

more to come ...

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Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family continue to grow in the word of God. I hope God continues to bless you in your new church, new jobs, new town. Love,Mom