Thursday, January 08, 2009

What's Poppin

  • Wednesday went well, got a lot done, but still more to go
  • Services were good. music was strong, the study we did was on great - 1 kings 5 - realtionship, opportunities, excellence, worship and offering.
  • Got more meeting lately that I ever wanted.
  • Really want to see what the Lord is going to do this weekend as we cover "Who's in Your Corner" in our Fight the Good Fight series that we statted last week.
  • Took another step closer to getting a real class for men started. It is takeing longer because I want a class that is more like a Bible Fight Club that the average Bible Study.
  • The Wifey is so hooked on face book! Yet she is really pumped about the going for Evangelism Training even if it is in a tuck place like FLORIDA!!! Poor her. Pray this works out because she is way too excited to learn to teach other how to share the Gospel to not get to go?
  • I really want to move to a practice of Truck Driver Approved Music. That is, if masculine, manly, testosterone filled Truck Driver is not willing to Stand up on a stool at the local trucks stop and belt it out, then we don't want to sing it either. TDAM is the kind of music we must transition to if we want to reach men and their families. Oh, and all the doilies have to go to!

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