Thursday, February 12, 2009


Had a very cool day yesterday. First our Worship and Admin Pastor, Eric, and I meet up with Charles Savelle of He is a PhD student at Dallas Theological Seminary and gets to teach there too! We got the full experience as we at in the cafe there which had good food and drooled over the books store in our tour of the campus. The book store is off the chain and has an instant 20% discount of the cover price! Many books were 40% and 60 % off in even the critical commentaries. I will be going back soon as I can get some money together.

Next we were off to Criswell College where Charles also happens to teach to hear Mark Dever, pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. and President of IX Marks. Mark was great! I don;t think oyu can find a pastor who is more real and who will answer the hard questions. He made no bones about what Scripture said and gave great counsel to all who came. I actually got the feeling that many that where there came to seek his counsel and benefit from his wisdom and study. It was a true blessing to get to be there and I thankful to whoever hadn the insight to drag Mark to Texas for this wonderful occassion. I must say that I did catch him off guard when I brought up the Whiteboard Sessions and how I was thankful that he was not only a represntative of the "genration that tucks in their shirts," but that he brought a crowd that was a polar opposite of his postion the truth from God's Word.

Thanks Charles for helping to make Wednesday a great day!

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