Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fight like a Man - Memorize Philippians from a Moleskine

I began following and tweeting with guy named Timmy Brister a while back. Cool guy, good theology and a great love for the Lord and His people. Seen some good stuff coming out in his tweets. He answered a few tweets and sent me to some eye opening resources by Tim Keller. And then it happened. He posted about this crazy things called Partnering to Remember. He threw down the gauntlet to fight like a man and memorize the Book of Philippians for a moleskine notebook. The whole concept was exciting and scary at the same time. I loved the idea of doing it but I had been known as a kid the the Muppet character name of Forgetful Jones. I have always struggled with memorizing anything let alone scripture. I don't know my own phone number most of the time and there is no way that I could recall an old one like my wife can. So how I am going to do this. I am a bi-vocational pastor balancing family, work, shepherding, discipling, and rest so where do I fit this in. All I know it that I must. I accepted to join the challenge that is way bigger than me as Timmy has share that people from all over the world have join in. Its gone global. Resurgence has even gotten in on it. I will be partnering with with brothers and sisters all across the world to memorize the Book of Philippians. There is a great deal of positive stress to not fail and encouragement to struggle together to do it. So I am down. Are you? Join us!!!!

Go here to see what Partnering to Remember is about.

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