Thursday, June 08, 2006

pro ecclesia - pro texana

God has a way of doing things to us and with us that we would never do by ourselves or have he strength to pull off. I bring this up because the Lord has brought Baylor University up to me several times and has been making it more and more evident that it is where He would like me to do my PhD work when it time comes. Now this is not what I would have chosen for myself, but if this is what He truly wants for me, then I will pursue it with joy and tenacity. But Baylor is not the kind of school that my background is. I am conservative, fundamental, Associational, Missionary Baptist and a touch Independent Baptist and to top it off a landmarker. So as you can see Baylor will be one of those places that God uses me to push me, to stretch me and to grow me. It will be different and exciting. So, I guess after I am done at the BMA Theological Seminary, I will become a Baylor Bear.

I guess that you could say that Baylor is pro ecclesia, pro texana, and not pro chris-a.

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Grady said...


What made you decide on Baylor? Knowing you as I do, that will certainly make for some interesting discussions I am sure.