Thursday, June 15, 2006

Q and A

A few questions have been proposed and now is the perfect time to answer them.

Q -“Why did I resign from Carlo and was it to pursue education?”

A - I resigned from Carlos because I felt that God had used me all that we wanted to in that ministry. It was a place where I grew and was challenged and so was the congregation. I felt that God was done with us there. I had no clue where I would go after this or if I would go anywhere. The sad part is that everything that we did for Christ, was slowly undone by some people as we were leaving, and a bunch of other things were proposed to be done after I would be gone and could say nothing. I made my heart cry and my soul bleed to see what was happening. Unfortunately, I was not purposed by God to be there. It was almost like; God was going to let them have enough rope to hang themselves. Not very spiritual, but true. It is amazing how a church can go from 17 to 55 and be unhappy because of the growth and crush the new believers and drive away the new members. Unfortunately, I think of sermons about the Prayer of Jabez in which were have heard that God will not give us more if we don’t act as good stewards of what He has entrusted us with already, Anyway, God was showing us that this was coming to and end to us. Actually, I think that I tried to stick it out a little longer that God wanted us to. Oh, and I would have kept going with the education with or without the pastorate at Carlos. I feel God will use me in religious pedagogy later on as well as the pulpit.

Q - “Why in the world would you choose Baylor University?”

A – I would not have Chosen Baylor. I have felt God showing me this University for some time now. I have fought it on and off, but have come to the point where I have said “God I am not going to fight you, I will submit to You and be happy, because you know what is best for me, even if it is not what I would want.” Baylor will be drastically different from my Missionary Baptist roots. Mid America would go well with what I believe, or Mid-Western, Southwestern, even Southern would have been a closer fit. They are not known for their conservative views if you know what I mean. . As an SBC pastor told me one, we say we conservative and they are liberal, they say we are fundamentalist and they are moderate. I think that is will be great for me from a personal development point. Additionally, they are rated as a top notch Research University. I hope to stick close to the Chancellor Robert Sloan. He is a great guy and conservative. He is the one that cast the Vision 2012. At 20 plus grand a semester in the Ph.D. program, I would have never chosen to go to Baylor, but when the King says go, you go.

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