Wednesday, May 28, 2008

twitter by David

I don't twitter.. i don't think every bowel movement needs to be a of notice for everyone. some people go to far. some people do a great job. but some people share o mushc personal infomation. for now i will not twitter, but i might some day.

Perry Noble posted this. It is great. i though i would share.

What If David Would Have Twittered?

By Perry Noble

Continuing my thoughts about twittering…I think it would have been interesting if David would have had access to this…we might have seen something like this…
  • Got a visit from Samuel today, he poured some oil on my head and called me a king! Really?
  • Going to visit my brothers tomorrow–they are fighting on the front lines.
  • Uh…my brothers are actually not fighting…they’re messing their drawers!
  • Going to fight Goliath!
  • Killed him, going to carry around his head for awhile.
  • Wow…love my new role as a general…the people are making up cool songs about me.
  • Uh…thinking that maybe Saul isn’t liking my role so much…and the songs people are singing seem to make him angry. Saul just threw a spear at me - he’s definitely angry
    Hiding out in a cave, around 400 people showed up when they found out I was here–looks like I have a church!
  • Saul won’t quite chasing me! I wish someone would do something about this.
  • God killed him–Saul won’t be chasing me anymore.
  • Looks like the people want me to be king.
  • Going to take Jerusalem…the enemy said it could not be done. Glad my life is not controlled by what the enemy says.
  • Took my clothes off and danced today…what fun!
  • Loving life in the palace!
  • Bathsheba is looking hot today…might give her a call.
  • Bathsheba is going to come by tonight so we can chat.
  • Uh oh–we did more than chat…hopefully that’s the end of that though.
  • Just got a text from Bathsheba–she’s pregnant–not good.
  • Going to ask Uriah to come home…he will go sleep with her…problem solved.
  • Dang it–he’s godly…going to have to kill him.
  • Nathan is coming by to see me today–I love that guy.
  • Not liking Nathan so much right now! But…he’s right.
    I understand God’s grace right now!
  • Going to build a temple for God–woo hoo!
  • Strike that–God doesn’t want me to build the temple–just raise the money for it.
  • Going to announce that Solomon is to be the next King…I sure hope he is wise!Those are probably just a few of the things he might have said. :-)

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