Monday, June 02, 2008

My Daughter

I love my daughter. I am glad that I have been able to share Christ with her. I praise God that He let me counsel with her after she made the decision to be a Christ follower. I can think of nothing cooler than when I baptized my daughter and was able to call her my Sister in Christ. I love that after she knew Christ as her Savior she wanted others to know Him to. I loved that one when I was witnessing to a family member, she asked what she could do because she “knew about this stuff” (having a relationship with Jesus). I love how she serves at Church and does not complain. She just sees Christian service as they way everyone is suppose to live. I love that she passes out the visitor cards because our adults can't seem to remember to do it. I really dig how she is patient when I run into someone who just has to talk to me. I love how she goes on visitation with me. I love how she smiles. I love how she prays. I love that she forgives and that she does not understand that all people at Church don’t act like Christ. I love that she ministers at eight years old and pray she still will at a hundred and eight. I love how she leads others. I love how she inspires me – to be a better father for her, a husband so she will know what a Godly one looks like and a Christian for her to model her walk after. I love that girl who thinks she has to have coffee like the grown ups do and who said I am Sister Chick now to her mom after becoming a believer. I love that she sings for the Lord and weeps when I ask her what she would do if they told her she could not love Jesus any more. I love that fact that she feels the Holy Spirit and she has great joy. I love the way she is so young and talks sermon notes. That she studies the Bible and seems to be able to remember every Bible lesson she has been taught. I love the fact the cares about her unsaved classmates and the unsaved Jews. I love that she likes me more when she is sick and she always wants to go to town with me. I love her to the core. I love her little snore when she gets overtired. I love that she traveled for over two years in a van across Texas allowing me to preach in a different pulpit every weekend, yet never complaining. I love how she looks great in a dress as well as in a t-shirt and shorts. I love that she smiles all the time. I love that she gets great grades and loves to sing. I love that she has suffered a lot for ministry and never said a word. I love that she cares about others and cares about Christ. I love that I don’t have to worry about her knowing Christ, because she already has established that relationship. I love that she is fine with just a little but knows how to act with a lot. I love how she wears a ring that I gave her that will not be taken off till a Godly man places a wedding band on that finger. I love the fact that she is a girly girl but she still loves God’s creation. I love my daughter, completely and totally. I pray for her often and amazed by her continually. I can’t wait to see what God will do with her, the lives she will help change the soul she will share Christ with, the man she will marry and the children she will raise.

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