Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Seder, Horseraddish, Candles

This week we are in VBS mode. We are going full speed with Group's Jerusalem Market Place. One of the things that we have expreienced was a Seder. From the photos you can see that I did not like the Horseraddish. During the Seder, my daughter whom I love, Remington was able to correct me and guide me. Yes, an eight yr. old was able to remind her pastor-father of things that he had fogotten about. She reminded me that I had forgotten in the beginning to have a woman light the candle. "Not only a woman," but she went on to tell everyone that she "was not to have had any children and needed to cover her head and she was to bring the light to the World like Mary brought Jesus, who is the light to the World." I was proud, but I must admit she did not learn that from me. No, she learned that from Amy Downey of Tzedakah Ministries. She must be soaking up everything that Amy teaches her, becuase I got the feeling my little girl thought there were some other points that I forgot. Oh you may may wnat ot ck out Amy's blog too -Mystery solved with Messiah Jesus


Anonymous said...

Come on Chris, horseradish is not that bad!


Amy Downey

Chris said...

It was killing me Amy, killing me. It stole my breath away. All I could think was I needed shrimp and tomato sauce like when I was a kid. I don't see how you did that for ten services.