Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Drop

I have to drop a class tomorrow. I don;t want to not take the class. It is more a matter of I can not take the class and do the job I should. I should be able to apply myself and walk out with an A. But this will not happen. Part is becuase I am taking two other classes at a local college to finish of my bachelor's degree. This is more important that a Master's class. I would also have to miss some of the class at the seminary which would lower my grade which I feel would already be sub par. I know that profesor will not be happy with me and probably think I did nto do the work. Fact is most of the work is done, but i don;t have the tiem or the will to finish the rest of it. I feel that this would be unfair to to my fellow students, my professor and myself. So i have to drop.

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