Sunday, January 28, 2007

I laid the egg

This was the week before the business meeting and I gave an over view of where I see the Lord taking us. Easter. This will be a big Sunday for us as we will be doing things that we have not done in 35 years and things we have never done before.

Taught from II Kings 6 and Luke 5. It went great. They seemed to be okay wit hit all. No one died, no tears were shed and not even one person fainted. One even said "lead and we will follow." I explained that what we really need to do is have a re-launch and that since we are over 135 years old that I might take some time to turn this big old boat around. So we are praying and planning and plotting. I laid the egg or the ground work (your choice) for the future.

Additionally the church was a buzz this morning because we have a new family visiting and they were nothing like us. They were Afro-American our congregation is generically Anglo. We were dressed country casual they were dressed to the nines in their Sunday best. It was kind of neat to see the people get up and greet them. Electricity was in the air and the places was a buzz. Worship went well. Music was good the preach was said to have been great, but I was preaching so I know it was okay at best :^) This was a couple that I had met the wife on Friday and had talked with her at the Post Office. So many times we talk to people and never see them so this was a definite encouragement.


Matthew Tilley said...

Do you have recordings of your sermons anywhere online?

Chris said...

no. not yet. we talked aobut recording them but we have not done it yet. are you intrested in what i said about the text?

Matthew Tilley said...

Yes ... very curious about your application of these texts to your congregation.