Thursday, December 14, 2006

the future of baylor

from wikipedia...

In 2000, the university sought to expand its vision of a scholarly institution with a strong sense of Christianity. Baylor, under then President Robert Sloan Jr., created a written statement to detail the exact goals of this vision. This statement was appropriately titled, Baylor 2012, the year by which the school hopes to achieve its aims. The university intends to "enter the top tier of American universities while reaffirming and deepening its distinctive Christian mission." It was presented in September 2001, and approved by the Board of Regents shortly afterwards. The Vision is based upon twelve key imperatives designed to create a more fulfilling educational experience in a unique Christian environment.

The twelve imperatives are:

1. Establish an environment where learning can flourish
2. Create a truly residential campus
3. Develop a world-class faculty
4. Attract and support a top-tier student body
5. Initiate outstanding new academic programs in selected areas
6. Guide all Baylor students, through academic and student life programming,
to understand life as a stewardship and work as a vocation
7. Provide outstanding academic facilities
8. Construct useful and aesthetically pleasing physical spaces
9. Enhance involvement of the entire Baylor family
10. Build with integrity a winning athletic tradition in all sports
11. Emphasize global education
12. Achieve a two-billion dollar endowment

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