Friday, December 22, 2006

y r u a baptist

Every Baptist ought to know why he is a Baptist, and to know it from the specific commands of God’s Word. Not to have such knowledge is for our churches to be harmed in every way.”

----- George W. Truett, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, 1897-1944

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Byroniac said...

I'm not exactly sure what sort of Baptist I am. I do know that I am inerrantist, Trinitarian, Credobaptist, evangelistic, and I believe in an Ekklesia of called-out believers devoted in genuine faith to a Holy God, that Jesus Christ is God come in the flesh, and that one must be born again to enter into salvation (not a mere cosmetic or behavioral change, but truly a God-wrought transformation of the soul of those who repent and believe). I may disagree with other Baptists on many other non-essentials (Baptists can often have as many opinions in a single room as there are people and perhaps more!), but in the essentials of the faith I have no shame in declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord, and commanding men to repent and believe in Him.