Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Getting My Praise On

This weeked was a great one. This is what happened
  • Saturday
    • I say my daughter play soccer and do an awesome reverse kick at just the right time to make a big play.
    • I asked a local man that had surrendered to preach but has not been allowed to preach to fill the pulit next weekend
  • Sunday
    • Baptized a young man by the name of Zane with the heater in the baptistry out. invigorating.
    • Preached on parents and children in the morn and church re-emergring in culture in the eve
    • Had members stay at Church for hour and talk. They are excited and so am I. There is a great sprirt of fellowship.
    • Had a lady, all but surrender to teach a Sunday school class. I think she will, it seems that the Lord is working on her. Besided she is too cool not to teach and he has the Bible brains to do it. I look forward to seeing her grow by leading. Btw, we have five Sunday school classes and we have never had more than two that anyone can remeber.
    • Taught Sunday school to youth. Dealt with stuff in thier lives and showed the Bible really does apply to what is going on. Everthing from Prom to dealing with Grandmothers.
    • We also had a lady return to worship that has been in the hospital. God care for us is amazing.
  • Monday
    • Had a member do some work at the Church with our being harrassed and he served with a sense of delight - worked on septic system, fixed the light in the baptistry, tried to fix the hating element and he even mowed the church lawn. Awesome guy. He and his wife are too cool and they really dig Jesus and His Word.

I know I am leaving something out, but it might be because of praise overload. You know, when you are just too blessed.

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