Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Weekend

Last Saturday I graduated from The Baptist Missionary Assocation Theological Seminary with a Master Of Arts in Religion. Whew! Am I glad it is over with, yet i wil miss it. One of my professors told me I will be overwelmed with depression in a few weeks because I will not be around anyone who will beable to discuss theology with me at the level I am used to. I pray not.

I will post a photo or two soon.

So much has happened since and I have been worn out by all the stuff since. Boy, am I tired.


Mike said...

You know good and well that you will be coming back to Jacksonville for some theological talk and of course some Super Gallo.

Chris said...

it would be worth the drive for the Burritos and Bible talk.

it is just the rift raft that you ahve to put up with :^)

Steve said...

Congrats, Chris! I know that you're glad to have that behind you!

Chris said...

all to glad ... so is my wife. I promisedto give her a few years before persue another degree.

Byroniac said...

Congratulations, Chris. I'm so glad to have known you for the short time I did. Rock on!