Monday, May 14, 2007

hand it to them

We have been talking about bulletins at Church recently. Some would like to have custom printed ones, but the price is just to much for our small Church. I personaly think we should go with one design for a quarter and then switch to another. Or go with a dynamic looking monthly service. below I have listed a couple of links for advertising and better bulletins.

Branding through the church bulletin

A Better Bulletin

How to Create Buzz

Church Bulletins That Don't Suck

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Steve said...

Chris, the church bulletin gig is tough stuff. We went with a pretty basic shell for a couple years but eventually shifted to a "custom" bulletin. The big thing is that you want it--in my opinion--to give information to those who are not "regulars." It's tougher to do than you think. For example, "It's time for our annual retreat. If you want to sign up, call Nadine." Well, who's Nadine? And how do I get in touch with her? Etc.