Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Power Up

Some times victories come in the wildest ways. Since we have been in Garland, TX we have had a huge electtric bill. Crazy big. We have tried to lessen in but it seems that nothing really took a bite out of the bill. Not to far into the process my wife noticed that we were getting billed at a commercial rate. We were a bit mifffed to say the least. We argued with them for a while but they would not deal with us because we were not the one's who had set the parsonage's electric bill. We did not have the social securitynumber of the unknown person (turned out this was a former pastor!) who has set up the account. Round and round we went, and they being the Powers that be (pun intended) would not budge. We could never find out who had set up the account and we could never find that "magical social security number!

Months go by and the bill rose like sin being heaped up! There was nothing we could do. Then one day a member, Debbie, was talking to my wife. They were talking about bills and they lady was horrifed that we stuck paying a commercial rate. We were too! The conversation kept going and this lady made it her mission to solve this problem.

It turns out that we have not just being paying a commercial rate, but commerical taxes and a delivery free that residents don't pay. Not only that but the never had a social security number for the Mystery account holder. So we were hunting for something we did not need the whole time.  It was set up by a prior pastor under the Church Tax ID. 

So, we have paid in a ton of money that they will not refund.  Years ago when it was all set up "we". as in the Church did not request for them to inspect the site and "we" set it up wrong. So since "we" goofed up to begin with they will not help except to inspect the neighborhood in the next few days and waive the fee that they normally charge. Why the is does not cover all that we have paid in we are so thrilled for the upcoming change. God has brought us a VICTORY!!!!


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