Thursday, July 09, 2009

Shocking Statistics

Shocking Statistics to Consider:
  • 388 Jewish people die every day without a personal relationship with Messiah Jesus
  • 2,718 of God's Chosen People pass away every week without receiving Jesus as their Messiah 11,649 of the sons and daughters of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob leave this world every month without hope and without Jesus
  • 141,741 Jewish people die every year while lost in their sins

Information Source: Southern Baptist Convention providing the information that 7,200 people in the world die every hour with the additional information from Wikipedia that the world Jewish population is 0.227%.

When are we going to do something to stop this tragic reality?

Perhaps a Jewish Evangelism Seminar ...

The Jewish Evangelism Seminar -- “How to Witness to the Jewish People” -- is designed to help take the fear out of Jewish evangelism. “How to Witness” can be presented to a church, small group, or Sunday School class in a seminar format, weekend evangelism retreat or through a one-time church presentation.

If you would like to bring the Jewish Evangelism Seminar to your church or small group, please email and they will graciously help you bring this about. Ad for the record, this is not me, but I completely endorse and support thier ministry.

The above infromation was from a post by Tzedakah Ministries entitled Shocking Statistics

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