Thursday, July 16, 2009 Lives on.... Sort of.

One of the saddest things to happen to Greek and Seminary students was the demise of the wonderful that later became ReGreek. On march 11th, 2007 it was posted on their site -

It has come to my attention that the MorphGNT team has had to pull their text offline at the request of the German Bible Society, so this site is offline as well. As their database was the heart of the window-dressing we provided here, there's not much to show without it. There are many great Bible study resources out there, and some new ones that are being built. I encourage you in your efforts to make use of those. This site will be powered off for good soon.

It would seem then that we would have heard the last of this fine site that helped many a student speed up their translation work between their five part time jobs they work while trying to stay afloat in school. That part is true. Yet as i was casually surfing links on a friend's blog I saw that he had Greek on his site from as I had several blog revisions ago. Wow. What a great surprise. I followed the link, nabbed up the code and added back to my blog.

This little Greek Html goodie is great fro students, professors and theological snobs alike! So, get the code, add it to you blog and let a little piece of the we loved so much live on!


Tom said...

What I do now in place of zhubert

The first one is my favorite

Chris Price said...

that is a great one. another one suggest on facebook is