Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can u maintain'a wat u've obtain'a

Steven Furtick is the pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He posted a power post (or atleast to me) entitled Can you maintain what you’ve obtained? on January 8th, 2008.

One of my mentors taught me this valuable lesson. I’d like to pass it on to you: The key to experiencing the blessing of God all the days of your life is learning to maintain what you’ve obtained.

That’s good stuff right there. And it will do us good to unpack it with
a couple of examples.

Example #1: A young man who thinks he is called to preach gets called on by his senior pastor to fill in for him one Wednesday night in March. He has 3 months to prepare, so by the time his big moment comes, he knocks it out of the park! All the senior adults tell him he’ll be the next Billy Graham, and a small group of single adults swear that his preaching is better than the Preacher Bob’s. Don’t stick your chest out yet, big boy. Who cares if you hit a home run one time? What’s your batting average going to looklike over the course of your ministry? Can you bring the goods and serve up a fresh Word from God 40 or more Sundays a year?You obtained success with one sermon … Can you maintain a ministry of impact for a lifetime?

Example #2: A couple spends $35,000 and 7 months of intensive (and for the guy, grueling) planning to have the perfect wedding. The bridesmaids’ dresses were stunning. And the filet mignon at the reception was killer. Good for them. So you obtained the perfect wedding…Can you maintain a healthy marriage? After she’s many sizes beyond ever fitting into that $2000 wedding dress again, can he love her for what’s inside? If his career trajectory takes a turn for the worse with the economy, are her hopes and dreams still on solid ground?

You get the point.I close with a quote that summarizes the principle. I heard an older pastor say it to a younger pastor after he’d really rocked the house at a youth crusade: Ability will put a microphone in your hand. Integrity will keep it there. hat will you do to maintain what you’ve obtained?

Preach! Bro. Preach. Those are true life lessons for all you TLC watches.

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