Monday, January 28, 2008

Cowboy Roundup pt1

Before I can post a Sunday wrap up I need to give a Sunday Wrap up from the SBTC Cowboy Church Planters Conference. In truth, can’t post all that I experienced in one post. Overall it was the most encouraging and equipping conference to training I think I have ever been to. Jim Gatliff, SBTC shared ministry strategist, Bro. Curtis and his Church, Branded by Christ Cowboy Church, 5592 Highway 110 North, in Rusk (yes, that is a plug for them) were great hosts and really put on a great conference. And this is not just to brag about their swinging bank of the great BBQ (It came from Lufkin BBQ which is just down the road from Diboll, Praise the Lord!)

  • Better planters and pastors from the cowboy church movement could not have been chosen

  • When was the last time you saw a pastor in the pulpit with at knife strapped to his side that was easily a foot from end to end

  • These men did not have an alphabet soup of seminary degrees but they taught with equal authority and passion to any professor that I have had. And I had I have had some of the Best.

  • Every pastor/planter there is a great mentor which is something that is lacking in ministry. I wished one of these men was close by to be a mentor to me!

  • I would safely put these men up against some of the nation’s conference speakers. Hands down they are the real deal.

  • Almost every planter/pastor volunteered themselves and their church of help you with the ministry God was starting. They we willing to come and put on play days and rodeo for you to show you how and model them for your church. This goes way beyond the typical work book discipleship and equipping that happens in the traditional church.

  • Not only did I get cowboy church training, I got great resources, an idea for a Christmas sermon for something a planter said (Born in a Barn), had the epiphany for two church plant names (Christ Providence Church and Vaquero Baptist Church)

  • More to come – I was greatly inspired and encouraged by this conference. I took a great deal of note and wrote down even more of my own unique thoughts.

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