Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gap Planting Vs. Roseanne Planting

If you keep up with church planting you might have noticed there is a trend to plant young hip Churches where the iPhones and the Starbucks reign supreme. After returning from Glorieta my family caught an old episode of The Cosby Show. My 8 year old daughter loves it! At the conclusion of the episode I figured that another episode would come on as this channel normally runs two show blocks. Instead Roseanne came on. As I watched this dysfunction unroll before me, I began to wonder about the Churches that I watch and those that people flock to the conferences of. Just exactly who is there target audience? The people that they show and that they seem to be reaching are the Pretty Gap people. Those with trendy haircuts and fashionable duds and sporty cars. This lead me to ask, “Who is reaching the Roseanna Conner Families? Who if finding the dysfunctional demographic that is low class and low brow? Why is not God calling someone to reach the ugly and the obese?” I know that God must be calling people to plant these churches and reach these people. Right? Unfortunately they don’t make the cover page and are not used in the ads. Yet God loves them too.

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