Thursday, January 03, 2008

Glorietta - Part 1

The day after Christmas, when others were returning gifts or trying to find batteries for their electronics. we were getting in our vehicles to make the trip to Glorietta, NM for skiing, snow and the Sword of truth (had to have another "S"). Our first leg was from Diboll to New Harmony Baptist just outside of Lindale. Our friend Melody from Crockett, TX had come up the might before to spend the night to make the trek with us.

We got to Lindale and the rest of my crew - Melody, Denise (my wife), and Remington (my daughter) left me with Grady McDonald the youth pastor at New Harmony. They went on to Amarillo where they would spend the night in a nice comfy bed at a motel. This was great because we discussed theology, church growth, vented our frustrations, traded great ideas, got to tell corny joke, ragged on each other and discussed hot topic Scriptures. We probably did some important things, but i can't remember them! oh yeah, bought a key changer as the worship pastor had to decline, got the spin360 tracks and PowerPoint's ready, packed some gear, picked and fueled vans for the 55 person trip.

Some time around midnight we got the whole crew on the road and found every gas station and restroom starting in Lindale, TX and ending in Glorietta, NM. This was a wild ride. lots of unique things happened on our way to the summit!

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