Friday, January 18, 2008

Tzedakah Ministries

A handful of year a ago the SBC waged war against the Satan and vowed to rescue the perishing souls of Jews from the clutches of Satan. they have since abandoned this as have failed to honor their alleged call to do so. So what happens to all these pre-Christians??? Well this is where Tzedakah Ministries comes into play and their new blog, Mystery Solved with Messiah Jesus. Tzedakah Ministries picks up where others have dropped the dreidel. Their work is high quality and sacrificial. Amy Downey of Tzedakah Ministries has Ministered at Pine Grove Baptist Church of Diboll, TX several times and we gladly endorse this ministry. Actually it is more like we are honored to be able to support this ministry. This ministry is targeting a huge population that is over looked by many and unfortunately disregarded by to many. It seems in a day when we see less people coming to Christ, a lack of Biblical knowledge in those we are trying to win make it difficult to converse, the onslaught of radical atheism and militant Islam that to win our Jewish neighbors to Christ would be a God idea.

Here are seven good reason although there are countless more.

  1. It fulfills Scripture - aways a good idea
  2. It honors Christ - another novel concept eh?
  3. They know the Old Testament - so the concepts and lingo are there to work from
  4. They add great culture to the Church - it will be no longer boring and generic
  5. They need Jesus because they are sinners too. - just like you and me, they need the Savior
  6. They are here and around the world - you fulfill Acts 1:8
  7. God promised - you don't want to make a liar out of Him do you?

In the future i plan to post a tract that Tzedakah Ministries has produced to share the Good News of the Messiah Jesus with Israel. With Permission of course


chloeadele said...

Amy really is amazing. I am always inspired by her love for God and the Jewish people. I know her and her sweet mom from Adat Shalom where my family attends Shabbat services. I am honored to call her friend.

Thanks for spreading the Word...

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the affirmation Chris. In these days where on a personal level it has been tough with the death of my 42 year old brother-in-law, it is notes like these that provide more spiritual encouragement than I can describe. Thanks. God bless. And as always, SHALOM!